Research of Takamasu-Takahashi Lab 本文へジャンプ

Intelligent Nano-Measure

Current research of Takamasu-Takahashi Lab is listed as follows (2007-June) :

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Research theme
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3D Displacement Measurement Using Ring-beam 3D Displacement (Position) Measurement with High Accuracy and Measurement Flexibility to Calibrate the End-effector of the Complicated 3D Mechanism.

Study on Algorithm of Reconstructing Topography Based on Topography Difference To reconstruct topography based on topography difference, two algorithms are studied.
  • Spatial frequency domain method (SFR)
  • Matrix equations method (EQU)
Measurement method: Scan topography twice using two probes with intervals D1 and D2 so that two sets of topography differences are obtained.

Profile Measurement for Wide-Area Soft Thin Film Surface Using Mechano-opto-probe Development of a new technique, which can measure the 3D surface of soft thin film like photoresist with nano resolution in wide area (diameter of 300mm).

Super-resolution Optical Inspection for Semiconductor Defect by using Standing Wave Illumination Shift Development of the inspection system with advantages of optical method and with high-resolution beyond the Rayleigh limit
- High Resolution: less 100nm
- High Sensitivity for Defect detection -
- High Throughput -
- Non-destructive inspection

A Study of Super-resolution Microscopy with Standing Evanescent Light We propose a super-resolution microscopy with standing evanescent light which is aiming at achieving about a couple dozen of nanometer resolution by exceeding the diffraction limit.

Measurement of Thin Film Thickness for Nano-Imprint Lithography Based on Near-Field Optics Measurement method of residual thin film below 100 nm has been required in the process of nano-imprint lithography, to realize this lithography as a next-generation lithography with high reliability
Study on Calibration of Planar Motor - Straightness and Squareness measurement of plane mirrors Development of a new calibration method for the planar motor, which enjoys the merits of no external reference and ease for user.

Development of Gear Wheel type of Planar Linear Motor System Advocate the workers support system, which called “AWB”
Development of transfer mechanism with gear wheel, which can use for moving tray system of AWB system

Nano-stereolithography using evanescent light Stereolithography for 3-dimensional, um resolution and high throughput. Using localized photon in 100nm area by Evanescent light.
Nano-stereo-lithography is established for:
・sub-um resolution
・high throughput

Nano-stereolithography using evanescent light Most desired fabrication method (for PhC, NEMS, m-TAS)
・Submicrometer resolution
・High throughputStereolithography
・High throughput
Introduction of Evanescent light to Nano Stereolithography

A Novel Microfabrication Technique for Three-Dimensional Metal Structures by Photocatalysis Development of a new microfabrication technique, which can fabricate the 3D complex microstructure consisting of metal with the size scale of several 10 um.

Real-time Extraction of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia for Application into Actual Environment Development of real-time and high-accuracy extracting method of RSA(Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia), which is a selective index of cardiac vagal activity, and application into actual environment.